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Activities display history entries for a Funkwhale pod. Each item contains the following information:

  • An image
  • A track title
  • An artist name
  • A username
  • A popover
PropData typeRequired?Description
trackTrack objectYesThe track to render in the activity entry.
userUser objectYesThe user associated with the activity entry.

Single items

You can render a single activity item by passing the track and user information to the <fw-activity> component.

<fw-activity :track="track" :user="user" />
Some lovely track
Artistby @username

Activity lists

You can display a list of activity items by passing a v-for directive and adding a key to the item. The key must be unique to the list.


Items in a list are visually separated by a 1px border.

  v-for="i in 3"
Some lovely track
Artistby @username
Some lovely track
Artistby @username
Some lovely track
Artistby @username